Programmable Logic Control (PLC’s)

We repair new PLC systems as well as outdated models that are no longer available or supported by the manufacturer. We maintain an ever growing and expansive library of documentation. Our technical staff will even reverse engineer your component when documentation is not available. Regardless if the system is new or old our technicians will save you money by getting more use out of existing systems.


Servo Motors and Controls

We offer service for servo motors, servo amplifiers and drives. Our servo repair technicians utilize the latest technology to test and calibrate the servo motor’s feedback device, whether encoder, resolver or tachometer. This technology offer our technicians the ability to communicate with the most type of servo feedback devices.


Circuit Boards

Our technicians repair a variety of printed circuit boards (PCB), system boards (also referred to as mother boards), CPU, Input/ Output boards, as well as Communication Boards. Our technicians can even service older boards that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Board component level repair can save you up to 70% versus buying new.


Motor Drives

AC and DC motor drives (also referred to as Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs). Our drive technicians service most drive brands, new and outdated. All repairs are thoroughly inspected, repaired and cleaned in addition to full load testing at the completion of the repair.


Operator Panels

We repair industrial operator screens, sometimes referred to as monitors, Human Machine Interface (HMI) or operator panels. Whether CRT or LCD, touch screen or non-touch screen, our technicians can retrofit your older CRT screen with a new LCD, adding years of life and service to existing equipment, which saves you a lot of money.


Machine Control System CPU Controller Repair (Current, Old and Obsolete)

Our technicians have experience servicing control systems from over a dozen different industries. We can assist your control repair needs, whether your control components are unique to your process/ equipment or your machinery has off the shelf components.
We frequently receive request to service older and obsolete controls, Our technicians regularly work on the older Klockner Moeller PLC, GE Fanuk PLC, Fuji CPU Motherboards for FW 7, FW 7700, FW 3400 series, Packaging Machine, Siemens S5 and Allen Bradley SLC 100, SLC 150 and SLC 500 systems.


Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

We provide an OEM level of quality service at a competitive, non-OEM price. We have the ability to repair and calibrate many AVR units from many different Manufacturers. With our state-of-the-Art technologies and dedicated technicians, our staff is able to ease the pain of any repair service order.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Our technicians are highly skilled professionals that pay close attention to every detail in completing installations, deinstallations, relocations, preventative maintenance and emergency repair work.  Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.



Other Electronic Repair

Our technicians can also service your ancillary electronics component and associated items; power supplies, counter units, temperature controls, timers, light curtains in addition to encoders, resolvers, tachometers, and transducer and many others.


Field Service and Programming

Our field personnel have experience in the engineering and programming of control system for new applications as well as modifying existing application. We have experience programming in Allen Bradley controls in addition to many others.



Consumer Electronic Repair

We also repair audio video equipments, microwave ovens, personal computers, and others since 1996 up to present.