Boiler Monitoring System

Our Monitoring System provides remote boiler monitoring of the performance and condition of boiler equipment in real-time from our location. With remote access to our customers’ boiler control systems via cellular service or VPN via a customers' network, IB&M can often analyze customer issues and create solutions without an on-site visit.

Instant and 24/7 remote access to the boiler monitoring system is a rapid and most convenient way to assist in monitoring, acknowledge alarms, and report them to the plant without a physical check - saving time and travel charges. Boiler monitoring system can provide detailed reporting if the installed control systems are fitted with the right instruments. Remote monitoring can also be a valuable safeguard to help with the lack of boiler operators.

Parameter Requirements for Boiler Monitoring

  • Steam Pressure

Minimum range: 7.5 bar, Maximum range: 10.5 bar

  • Flue Gas Temperature

Minimum range: 120 deg. Celsius, Maximum range: 250 deg. Celsius

  • Deaerator Temperature

Minimum range: 90 deg. Celsius, Maximum range: 100 deg. Celsius

  • Conductivity or TDS

Maximum range: 3,500 ppm


  • Dissolved Oxygen Level

Minimum range: 3 % , Maximum: 10 %