Remote monitoring is online real-time monitoring and controlling the field equipment, and transmitting the real-time data to the cloud server to forecast or diagnose. This system is an effective method to obtain, analyze, transmit, manage, and feedback the remote goal information.

Because the wireless remote monitoring system has more and more application, a remote monitoring system based on SMS of GSM is presented. Based on the total design of the system, the hardware and software of the system is designed solely to meet the requirements with the clients.

In this system, GSM network is a medium for transmitting the remote signal.

We install a very simple, easy remote monitoring system at site which has cellular network wireless communication function and analog or digital transmission function, which then received by the cloud server, enables the user to monitor online through the website platform.

This unit is designed to adapt in any digital or analog sensors and other industrial electronic transmitters.

Fig. Device Functions

Transmissions of data to the server can be both selected through wireless fidelity or GSM network depending on the situations or site locations.

For the clients, for them to monitor the activity of certain parameters of a given machine, an online website platform has prepared with animated design features for easy understanding of the system flow.