5V Eight 8 Channel Relay Module With Optocoupler




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5V Eight 8 Channel Relay Module With optocoupler

If you want to switch up to 8 high current / high voltage loads from a microcontroller, this 5V relay board can do it.

It contains 8 x 5V relays rated at 10A/250V AC (DC 30V/10A). Each relay is switched on/off by an opto-isolated digital input that can be connected directly to a microcontroller output pin. It only requires a voltage of approx 1.0V to switch the inputs on but can handle input voltages up to 5V. This makes it ideal for both 5V and 3.3V devices.

Board Size: 14cm x 5.5cm


  • 8x 5V relays
  • Each relay rated at 10A / 250V
  • Each relay consumes approx 30mA when switched on (at 5V)
  • Power supply 5V
  • Fully Opto-isolated input signals
  • Input signals from 1.0V to 5V
  • Individual indicator LEDS for each relay
  • Power On LED indicator
  • Isolated Input GND
  • 4x mounting holes

Power Supply

A supply voltage of 5V should be connected to the VCC and GND pins. This is used to power the relay coils when they are switched on. A power Indicator LED indicates power is supplied.

DO NOT apply power the wrong way round. This can seriously damage the components on the board

Input Signals

Opto-isolated input signals should be supplied between the COM pin (signal GND) and each input pin. There is a shorting link which links the signal ground to the power ground. If you want full isolation for your microcontroller from potentially noisy relays, this link can be removed.


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