Ford Boss 302 Mustang EV Conversion, Regen Brakes, AC Motor(1969–1970)

The EV Ford Boss 302 VW Beetle Starter Kit is perfect for those looking for a professional fit and finish on the drive components, but are willing to build and install their own battery system.

This kit comes with your AC motor, controller, aluminum controller mount, charger, adapter plate, flywheel coupler, water cooling plate, water pump, radiator, instrumentation, throttle controller, DC/DC convertor.


CWEV1 conversion kit contains the following:

• EV Motor

• Motor Controller

• Pedal/Throttle Control

• Battery (Lithium Ion/Polymer)

• Transmission Adapter Kit

• Conversion Bracket/Plate

• DC Controller

• Controller Mount

• Wiring Channels

• I/O Modules

• Built-in Smart Charger for 220VAC


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