LEV50 Lithium-Ion Battery for EVs


Lithium Energy Japan has Lithium-ion battery “LEV50” which is based on  GS Yuasa Group’s state of the art technology and extensive experience in manufacturing large-scale industrial  and small lithium-ion batteries.

It is excellent performance is brought by our latest technologies  and most suitable for EV applications, and can unfold widely for other applications for energy storage etc.


  • Higher energy density
  • High specific power density
  • Quick charge  acceptance 
  • Normal Voltage (V): 3.7V
  • Capacity (ah): 50ah
  • Dimension (mm):
    • Length: 171
    • Width: 44
    • Height: 115
  • Mass (kg): 1.7

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 171 × 44 × 115 cm


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