Tesla Smart Lithium Ion Battery 18650 EV Module – 57 Volt, 3kWh


These used 18650 Tesla-Smart Car modules are comprised of 2600mAh cells arranged in a 22p15s configuration. They are rated at 100 amps, 150 amps peak. They have an integrated liquid cooling/heating system, but they can also be air cooled in light duty cycle applications. They also have an integrated 100 amp fuse, and an ATX20 connector with cell level connectivity for BMS systems and two integrated thermistors. The packs contain 330 cells, and each cell is independently safety fused on both terminals. They have been lightly used, most with less than 5000 miles on them, and are designed for 100,000 miles to 85% capacity. A preferred configuration for a typical AC50 application is 4p2s for a total of 24kWh of energy with a total of 8 modules. These work particularly well in 48 volt marine and cart applications as well.

Capacity: 57Ah, 3kWh
Height: 7.25 Inches
Width: 2.875 Inches
Length: 39.0 Inches
Weight: 42 Pounds
Bolt Size: M6
Voltage nominal: 3.8V/Cell, 57.0V/Module
Charge voltage cut-off: 4.2V/Cell, 63.0V/Module
Discharging cut-off: 3.3V/Cell, 50V/Module
Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.):150 Amps
Warranty Period: One year


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