Vanilla Shield for Genuino (prototyping shield)

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“Vanilla Shield” is very simple universal board suitable for Arduino / Genuino boards. In the Arduino community, this type of board should be called something like “proto shield”. We believe that Vanilla Shield has the largest universal area among the proto shields in the world. There are no predefined locations for resistors, capacitors, LEDs and ICs. You can do everything whatever you like. “Vanilla Shield” is named after ice cream. If you are an experienced software engineer, you should know why it is “vanilla”.

You have to prepare pin headers or pin sockets, and you have to solder yourself. The pad patterns for pin sockets are aligned in zigzags. This is intended to make soldering easier. This idea is borrowed from SparkFun’s “Sneaky Footprints”.

Note: This product does not include any pin headers.

Files, images and more infos at this page


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